Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Atlanta Neighborhood Math Competitions

As mentioned before, the mission behind this blog is to help create a culture of education in homes and communities. Students are naturally competitive in groups, they love to win, and love to represent where they are from. Why not channel all of that into building and reinforcing math skills and starting a community tradition?

The City of Atlanta has agreed to put on the first ever Atlanta Neighborhood Math Bowls. Elementary and Middle School students will be coached in math concepts by volunteers, and different urban areas will be represented, so get excited.

We are still looking for more math coach volunteers to go out to the different Centers of Hope during the week to help students prepare. Prep sessions last from 45 minutes to a full hour between the hours of 4-5:30pm at any of the recreation centers, which are listed below. Saturday math coaching also takes place any time between 10am-4pm (start time determined by volunteer). If interested in participating as a volunteer, please email with the following information:
  1. Name
  2. School/Company
  3. School/Company position
  4. Contact Number
  5. Contact Email
  6. Location Preference 1
  7. Location Preference 2
  8. Mon-Friday day availability (one 45 min session between 4-5:30pm)
  9. Sat availability (please select and include time preference) 10/23, 10/30, 11/6, 11/13, 11/20
Centers of Hope Locations

Adamsville Recreation Center
3201 M.L. King Drive, SW 30331
Peyton Forrest, Adamsville, L.P. Miles, Margaret Fain, G.A. Townes, Harper - Archer

Ben Hill Recreation Center
2405 Fairburn Rd, SW 30311
Fickett , A.P. Randolph, Deerwood, Sandtown

Bessie Branham Recreation Center
2051 Delano Dr, NE 30317
Whiteford, East Lake, Burgess-Peterson Academy, Drew, Toomer

Grove Park Recreation Center
750 Frances Place, NW 30318
Grove Park, Atlanta Preparatory Academy

Morningside Recreation Center
1053 Rock Spring Rd, NE 30315
Morningside Elementary

Oakland City (Adams Park) Recreation Center
1305 Oakland Rd, SW 30310
Bunch, Cascade, Finch, Hutchinson, Continental Colony, Hamilton E. Holmes, M. Agnes Jones, Price, L. O. Kimberly

Peachtree Hills Recreation Center
308 Peachtree Hills Ave, NE 30305
E. Rivers, Garden Hills, Warren T. Jackson

Pittman Recreation Center
950 Garibaldi St, SW 30310
Gideons Elementary

Rosel Fann Recreation Center
365 Cleveland Ave, SE 30354
Cleveland Avenue, J.W. Dobbs, Heritage Academy, Humphries, Hutchinson, Crawford Long, Price, Sylvan Hills, Kipp Ways Academy, Thomasville

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  1. How can we add what your doing to a faithbase organization. I know of one in Ellenwood That would love to be part of this. also I would love to form a partnership that we can add your service to what we will be doing, Math is something thats is needed more in our Communities here in Atlanta and Buffalo. send me more info on the center of hope . I pray that you come to the community conversation on Nov 4 , In the Greenbriar Community (CHANGING A GENERATION BISHOP PAUL MORTON) ON THE CORNER OF TYLER PERRY STUDIO. HOPE TO SEE YOU BE READY TO SPEAK.